• Newsletter system
    Newsletter system

    Easly stay in touch with your customers

    Smart newsletters mailing system
    • Widely distributed newsletter sending by a click
    • System statistics and feedback about reading percentage
    • Creat scheduled tasks
    • Optimized for smartphones

Newsletter system

Many companies and organizations interested in keeping close touch with their clients. A great way doing it is by sending newsletters on regular basis with special deals and benefits to your clients. We at WEBSTUFF developed an advanced, easy to use newsletter-system - Newletsys. This online unique system giving you all the advantages of desktop newsletter system plus the flexibility of using it from anywhere and at any time so you can stay in close and effective touch with your clients.


Get detailed reports on newsletter’s open rate, click-through rate and many other relevant metrics

Easy to use

A user-friendly interface with variety of functions that make it easy to create a powerful newsletters.

Design Templates

Use our free email templates to edit or create successful newsletter or design your own using the  system's built-in HTML editor. Also you can purchase a tailor made template from our professional web designers and email marketing experts for a special low cost.


Our email marketing team of experts, are available for any questions and/or neccesary guidance for you. 



99/ month
  • Number of messages 3000
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150/ month
  • Number of messages 10000
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200/ month
  • Number of messages 25000
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1600/ month
  • Number of messages 250000
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Newletsys from WEBSTUFF

Downtime isnot an option!

Downtime is not an option!

  • The need for mailing system

    Although developing a simple email sending system is not complicated, the efficiency of this kind of system is very low due to lack of deep understanding of data transfer methods and antispam system. This problem can cause of an entire domain block to server.

    Mass e-mailing recipient lists requires a professional understanding of data transfer and antispam systems. Mass direct delivery of emails without proper knowledge of handling large lists can lead to significant damage for email marketers. This is why we at WEBSTUFF developed a professional newsletter sending system - Newletsys - that can ensure efficacy and safety at work.

  • Who is it for

    Newletsys system is suitable for a variety of uses: companies and businesses who want to maintain regular contact and updates with their customers, Advertising agencies who want to manage their customers newsletters deliveries easily and efficiently along with options of follow-up and documentation of each delivery, including detailed statistics and more.

  • A little about the system

    Accessing the system from any where using any browser. Quick access to your client list and manage them easily. Uploading recipients lists and option of combining of several fields (name, phone number etc.) that enables you planting them in the newsletter itself and allows you to send personalized newsletters to the recipients.
    Automatic clients removal system, reducing to minimum the possibility of sending a message to a recipient that asked to be removed from list. A friendly and easy editing interface, that uses an HTML editor to create a professional newsletter and also can handle an existing HTML document that you have already created. You can use the system to create personalized email messages.
    Tracking, scheduling and managing delivery which allows you sending emails to any group at any time. without the need to be fiscally near, at delivery time.

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