Terms of service​, Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy
WEBSTUFF israel offers hosting services, domain Name Registration, dedicated or virtual servers and hosting private servers in our data center. All of our service are available both by pone and online. 
WEBSTUFF israel, has a legal and moral obligation regarding the form of use in our services and the related equipment. WEBSTUFF israel has defined ethical code regarding the use of its infrastructures according to to its policy, as described below.
WEBSTUFF israel, reserves the right to suspend or cancel the customer's access to some or all of our services in the case of misuse by the customer, according to the our  discretion.
The Main principles of acceptable use policy
Misuse of our servers
Any attempt harming the proper operation of the server, the server itself or any WEBSTUFF israel clients is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized use of accounts or other computers
Any attempt to use the customer account or the server without its owner permission, would drag severe response from WEBSTUFF Israel. These attempts include "Internet Fraud" (tricking users into revealing their passwords), stealing passwords, scan for security holes etc. 
Any unauthorized use to attack or harm any other client account, even if the attacked targets aren't belong to WEBSTUFF israel, will cause taking steps against the attacker. Among possible measures: warning, suspension or cancellation of the account or service, also will cause to criminal or civil prosecution depending on the severity of the attack.

Monthly Data Bandwidth
WEBSTUFF israel customers are entitled to monthly traffic that limited by the type of hosting package, dedicated server or the virtual server that they had purchased. In case bandwidth is exceeded,  the customer will be charged by minimum monthly amount of two shekels for any exceeded gigabyte.
WEBSTUFF Israeli company is the sole arbitrator that can determine what will be considered a violation of this section.

Commercial advertisements via E-mail
The customer cannot advertise (in any form of use: link, text or an e-mail address) E-mail messages which contain websites addresses that their domains are connected to WEBSTUFF servers.
The customer cannot send any kind of advertising messages using WEBSTUFF's mail servers. Any E-mail message which distributed without explicit permission of the recipient, will be considered as "spam".
WEBSTUFF israel will apply to any client who marked as a spammer in an attempt to settle the matter. In severe cases we reserve the right to disable the customer's account immediately and without any warning until settling the matter. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel services to known spammers.
WEBSTUFF israel reserves the right to define what will be considered a violation of this policy. Violation the provisions of this section will result an immediate disconnection and cancellation of all services, without refund. Moreover WEBSTUFF israel reserves the right to prosecute the client for any damage caused by his actions.
Chat rooms
The customer is allowed to set up chat rooms, only after receiving WEBSTUFF support team's explicit permission.

Running background programs
WEBSTUFF israel may allow continuous running of background programs. 
Each individual case will be discussed on its merits and will be charged with special payment, according to resource utilization and maintenance required for its operation.
Customer who runs background CGI or EXE scripts which use 10% and above of the server resources will be charged with additional payment, otherwise will have to remove and disable it.
If appropriate action will not be taken by the customer, WEBSTUFF Israel will disable the customer's account.
WEBSTUFF israel does not allow operation of IRC or IRC bots on its servers.
"Under Construction" page
(1) WEBSTUFFS israel provides free "Under Construction" temp page which be displayed under the domain name.
(2) WEBSTUFF israel reserves the right to use this page for advertising purposes, without any obligation to the domain owner or any other man on his behalf.
(3) During this period, accessing domain name will be only using the web addresses:  WEBSTUFF.co.il or www.WEBSTUFF.co.il.
* If the customer would be interested in a unique "Under Construction"' page, "Domain/Website to sale" page, redirect or point domain name to another address, the client will be charged with additional hosting fee, as is customary, unlike  "Under Construction" page that we provide freely.

Payment Policy
- Opening a storage account, domain name registration or any other service is based on prepayment.
- The price of registering a new domain name is as presented in "Domain Names" on WEBSTUFF Israel website and it is the client sole responsibility renewing his domain name.
- There are no refunds on registration fees or renewal of a domain name. 
- In case of domain transfer to another domain registrar, the client will be charged a one-time fee, at the discretion of WEBSTUFF Israel.
- There are no refunds on installation fees, both in new installations or in case of significant changes of the account.
- In any case of prepayment, the price is fixed to one year.
- In exceptional cases and at the discretion of WEBSTUFF Israel, WEBSTUFF will renew domain names, even if it not renewed by the client, to prevent greater damage (if the domain name will be revoked or can be taken by other party).
- The Customer will be responsible for any amount he owes for his account from time the account opened till WEBSTUFF will receive an account cancelation notice, 30 days in advance.
- In case of cancellation during the billing cycle, WEBSTUFF israel will not give any refund of free setup fee and/or domain given free, and/or prepayment of service and/or any other services provided by WEBSTUFF israel.
- WEBSTUFF israel will not provide any service till a payment will delivered by the client by credit card, bank check or bank deposit. 
- Payment for storage accounts is in advance for a one year or in special cases (at the discretion of the Company) for half a year.
- Overdue in payments will cause expensive data-recovery costs.
- WEBSTUFF israel reserves the right to make price changes at any time.
- The customer is obligated to update WEBSTUFF israel in any change of his personal details (such as email, phone, postal address). Messages relating to the renewal payments are sent to according to details which provided by the client.
- All payments will be in Israel Shekel. If there is neccesary payment in US dollars or Euros, this fee will be converted into shekels according to the high currency exchange  on payment date.

WEBSTUFF Israel reserves the right to cancel any service provided to customer at all times. The proportion part of pre-paid services that have not yet been provided to the customer will be refunded if WEBSTUFF israel exercises the right of cancellation conferred upon it. The customer will bear any loses that cused by violating the company policy. The customer shall bear all the expenses he caused due to violating the company policy.
Legal Notice
WEBSTUFF Israel reserves the right to refuse providing its services. The company's customers are entitled to use company servers for lawful purposes only. Transfer of substance in violation of any law, state laws or local ordinances is prohibited. Prohibited substance definition includes, but not limited to copyrighted substances, substances that are legally considered a threat or obscene, and substances considered commercial secrets.
WEBSTUFF israel expressly forbids anyone to use the company servers for distribution operations, storage, processing, preservation or any other action that is related with obscene or pornographic or other substance that WEBSTUFF disavow them, including, but not limited to, pornography, substance related to the cult of Satan and any other substance referred Adult. The classification of materials as described above is to sole discretion of the company's management.
The Customer acknowledges that he will protect WEBSTUFF israel, refurbished her and will exempt it from any claim, liability, loss or cost, including attorney's fees at a reasonable level, which will be directed towards WEBSTUFF israel, its agents, its customers, its managers and employees, as a result of any service provided or can be, or agreed to supply, or any product sold by customer, its agents, servants or messengers.
The Customer agrees to defend WEBSTUFF israel, refurbished and exempt from any obligations arising from the following factors: (1) bodily injury or property damage caused by products sold or otherwise distributed using any WEBSTUFF Israel services; (2) any material supplied by the client in violation or alleged violation of the exclusive rights of a third party; (3) copyright infringement; And (4) defective products sold to customers using WEBSTUFF israel servers.

WEBSTUFF israel shall not be liable for damages that may be caused to customer or his business. The company does not offer a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the services that it provides. 
The company disclaims all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including data loss resulting from a delay, non-delivery, wrong delivery and any other break in service caused by the company and its employees. 
The backup process that WEBSTUFF israel performs is intended for use and survivability of its overall system and its customers and for its private use only, backup or restore services shall be provided by payment only and depends on existence of such a backup in its systems. In any action or legal matter jurisdiction will be in Haifa or the Haifa Magistrate's Court. 
For the avoidance of doubt, any event that may occur, the maximum responsibility of WEBSTUFF will not exceed the amount of the monthly and/or cyclical  service paid by the customer. The Company reserves the right to make changes in policy and terms of use at any time.
Failure to comply with any provision of this document will be considered cause to terminate the customer's account or the service provided to him.