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    Website maintenance

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Website Maintenance

In order to detect and prevent faults, websites need regular maintenance, upgrading and updating in accordance with the new standards, reviewing security procedures, update new modules and more. WEBSTUFF provides its customers with maintenance services on a monthly retainer basis or working hours.

Upgrads and Updates

We take care keeping your site and its components updated, in accordance with the relevant technology

Security Scans

Routine security checks to detect and locate and fix various security holes

Content Management

Adding and editing true marketing content to your website


Optimization of content, tags and keywords 

Every site needs maintenance

Dynamic Environment

Every day we are witnessing to new technologies, changes and updates to existing systems and platforms, that adds or removes features. This kind of rapidly upgrades, requires constant maintenance of your website to operate correctly on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC), from any browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox etc ..) and at any platform. Website maintenance by WEBSTUFF also includes updates in its existing components level to keep your website updated, and with optimized technology environment.

Search Engines And Vistors

Website maintenance includes updating and upgrading of the content on your site. adding new content, Repair and adjustment of tags and code, creating new pages etc.. this way, your website content is renewed on a regular basis, visitors are more interested and naturally, are entering more to stay updated. Moreover, search engines are crawling your website more frequently for indexing the new content,  which contributing to the advancement in search results.

Website Maintenance by WEBSTUFF

To promote a business -you need a website. To promote a business at low-cost - you need WEBSTUFF.

To promote a business - you need a website. To promote a business at low-cost - you need WEBSTUFF.

  • Content Management

    Updating and managing content on a regular basis, keeps your website relevant and interesting for the benefit of visitors and also signals to Google's search engine about visitors traffic and new content on your website . Today, when most of the websites are defined as business, in every aspect, management and software updates are essential actions just like the maintenance of a business.

  • Keeping You Updated

    As part of your website maintenance, we are doing on regular basis - updates of components and security procedures, upgrades of management systems and more. Those actions includes adding new features, components and modules according to your needs.

  • Assistance With Promoting Your Website

    Websites maintenance is an integral part of SEO. During the maintenance of your website, we perform optimization to the website code and its content, so that it meets the required standards. It's important to remember that website maintenance on regular basis, contributes directly to search engine optimization.

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