WEBSTUFF store - an online store

How many products can I enter and show in my store?

The maximum number of products is not limited on the full version (purchase or rent). While renting different versions of the WEBSTUFF store (not the full version) there are limitations concerning the maximum number of products in store. Contact us in order to get exact numbers.

How many categories and sub-categories can I configure in my store?

UNLIMITED! WEBSTUFF does not limit the number of categories and sub-categories you can configure in your store. You may configure Primary category -> 1st level sub category -> 2nd level sub category -> 3rd level sub category … The categories tree depth is unlimited too! You can configure any categories tree with as many sub categories levels you wish.

How do I feed my products into the store?

Products feeding and managing is handled using an user friendly administration interface called WSManager. Operating the interface does not require any special knowledge or training.

How do I manage my WEBSTUFF store?

In order to provide you with full control over your store WEBSTUFF will install an administration interface called WSManager for you. This admin tool will allow you to add, modify and delete products, categories ,sub-categories, configure hot deals (sales) for each product, configure related products for each product, manage your stock, generate sales/products/stocks reports and many more other efficient features…

Is the buying process is secured in the WEBSTUFF store?

Yes. The WEBSTUFF store can be operated with a credit card billing element, this element and the store itself is secured using SSL protocol. This fact ensures the privacy of the store customers and their credit card details.

What if I need only a catalog, with no store capabilities?

It is possible to operate the WEBSTUFF store system as a products catalog with no orders and credit cards capabilities. This form of the system enables you to expose and show your products to your customers. A products catalog is relevant to those who don't want to actually sell on the internet but only show their products, for example: like services suppliers, in which the services does not have a fixed and known price…

Where can I see WBSTUFF stores that already run on the internet?

See links to online WEBSTUFF stores here.

Why should I build my online store with WEBSTUFF?

WEBSTUFF has a rich experience accumulated during years of activity in the internet and with e-commerce. WEBSTUFF has an e-commerce solution called WEBSTUFF store, this solution was developed and operated successfully in dozens of websites, and was proven to be efficient and easy to use among our customers. Click here to read more about WEBSTUFF store and to visit a running WEBSTUFF stores on the web.

MS SQL servers & databases

SSL Certifications

Is it possible to use a SSL certificate issued by WEBSTUFF to secure a website hosted some where else?

Yes,If you are buying a unique SSL certificate, you may install it on the server where your website is hosted.If you are buying a shared SSL certificate, you will get a secured zone on a secured server that might collaborate with the server where your website is hosted.

What is the difference between Unique SSL certificate and Shared SSL certificate?

Unique SSL certification is a certification that issued with the domain name of your website (for example: www.web.org.il), when using this kind of certification the certificate will be shown as 'issued for' your website.A shared SSL certificate is a certification issued for WEBSTUFF (for example www.ssl.org.il) and used to secure couple websites simultaneously.The security level these two methods provide are identical and equal.

Why do I need to secure my website using SSL?

Securing your website and the date transfered in and out of it is needed whenever you want to transfer information without exposing it to some else besides the website user.SSL certification will be installed in websites having a registration forms (with private details), credit card charging system (in these case the credit cards company forcing you to secure your website with SSL).

How does SSL works ?

The SSL protocol encript information using a unique key that is installed at the WEBSTUFF server, the user computer is the only computer that can decript the information using the correct key provided by the server.This way nobody who is 'listening' to the network can decript the encripted information even if he got it. our information is safe and secured from one side to the other!Today it is common to work with 128 bits SSL keys, these keys provide protection for 99% of the secured websites on the internet.

Domain Names

I registered a domain name with WEBSTUFF, how will I know and follow its expiration date?

30 days before the expiration date you will get a message from WEBSTUFF alerting you to renew your domain name.

Is there any advantage for registering a domain name for long periods (for example 5 years)?

Yes of course,The reason for this advantage is that one of the search engines rating parameters is a website/domain expiration date, according to this value search engines gives 'seriousness score' to the website.as far as the website/domain expiration date the higher score it gets.

What is a domain name and what is it good for?

A domain name is an independent internet address (for example: www.WEBSTUFF.co.il) that you may register on you r name for a limited period (year, 2 years, 10 years etc.),At the end of that period you will have to renew your domain name or else it will be expired and available for others to register.Registration and renewal of domain names is bounded with payment of money, to get the cost and rates click here.

Web Hosting

What are the DNS records for WEBSTUFF's servers?

WEBSTUFF operates an array of servers and DNS servers, therefore there are couple optional DNS records, to get the DNS record for your website please contact the support team at support@WEBSTUFF.co.il, don't forget to mention your domain name!

Does WEBSTUFF supports ASP.NET ?

Yes of course, all hosting packages greater than SMALL supports ASP.NET

Does WEBSTUFF supports MySQL databases and management of it?

Yes of course, all hosting packages greater than SMALL supports MySQL databases, WEBSTUFF runs a MySQL server dedicated for the hosting customers.Managing your MySQL database is done by you using phpMyAdmin.

Are there any backup services for my website?

WEBSTUFF backups all hosted websites on daily basis using an advanced backup robot.In case you will need to restore your whole website, databases or parts of it, WEBSTUFF will restore the required information for you.Notice: the service requires payment per restore event, unless the loss of data occurred due to a fail in the hosting service.

Where can I get a technical features list for all hosting packages?

You may get a full detailed features list for all hosting packages WEBSTUFF offers here.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my hosting package at any time I want to?

Yes you can,You may upgrade or downgrade your hosting package when ever you wish to according to your needs.Your accout at WEBSTUFF will be charged or refunded accordantly.

What is the average uptime value at WEBSTUFF's servers and network?

According to accumulated data from our monitoring systems, our network and servers uptime is 99.986% ,We guarantee an uptime of 99.95% for all hosting packages!

Can I test the hosting service before I buy it?

YES !WEBSTUFF gives you a 30 days period for testing its hosting services,You may decide within those 30 days to cancel your hosting account, you will be fully refunded!

Servers Collocation

What kind of connection will my server have to the internet backbone?

WEBSTUFF connects each collocated server with fast symmetrical 10MBps line to the internet backbone.You may increase this connection up to 1GBps, please contact our sales department to get a quotation for increased connection suitable for your needs.

How many dedicated IP addresses do I get for my server?

As default WEBSTUFF allocates 5 IP addresses for each collocated server.You may get more IP addresses for additional cost.

Are there any traffic limitations?

No,You may send and receive as much traffic as your server connection allows you!

Do I need to install my own server at the WEBSTUFF's servers farm?

No,WEBSTUFF's technicians will install and turn on your server for you.This service is free as part of the Collocation service.

Where is my server hosted while collocation with WEBSTUFF?

Your server will be hosted at one of the WEBSTUFF's servers farm.You may choose to host it at our israeli farm or at our US farm (east cost).Our servers farm are highly advanced, has double power connections, UPS protection, a power generator, double air conditioning systems, dust clean environment, 24 hours a day manned Surveillance and manned monitoring room.

What types of servers can I Collocate with WEBSTUFF?

You may host any type of server with WEBSTUFF! Your server can be based on any hardware (dual CPU, amount of HD etc.) with any platform (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD etc.) as long as it build into a common case. The common cases are Rack mount 1U, 2U, 4U and a Tower case.

Dedicated Servers

Is it possible to get additional IP addresses for my dedicated server?

Yes of course,You may get additional IP addresses for your dedicated server for an additional cost.

Is it possible to increase the server connection line speed?

Yes of course,You may connect a faster line to your dedicated server for an additional cost.

Can I order my dedicated server with a unique hardware configuration?

Yes you can!You may send us your required exact server specifications, and we will send you back a quotation adapted to your specific needs!

Is it possible to upgrade my dedicated server once it is already runs?

Yes,you may order an upgrade to your server (additional CPU, additional HD, additional RAM, all according to hardware limitations) at any time according to your needs.Your monthly payment will be updated respectively.

How can I pay a discounted price (less) for my dedicated server?

WEBSTUFF runs a discount program called ''the continuous customer'' in which you get 10%! Off constant discount from month 13 and on!That mean you should not do anything! Just stay with us!

What are the available hardware configurations when renting a dedicated server?

When renting a dedicated server you may choose your configuration from couple available configurations C1, P41, P42, X1,Please contact our sales department in order to get the exact technical specifications and a quotation.Furthermore, in case that none of the available configurations suits your needs, you are welcome to send us your required server specifications and we will send you back a quotation for that dedicated server!

Why rent a dedicated server at WEBSTUFF?

WEBSTUFF connects by default each dedicated server to the internet backbone with a fast symmetrical 10MBps line, allocates 2 IP addresses for your server, gives you Unlimited traffic! 24 hours a day monitoring services for your server, and a great option of enhance your server according to your business needs!Also available Backup services by a backup robot (service has additional fee), options to increase connection line speeds, and allocation of additional IP addresses.More than that, WEBSTUFF runs a discount program called ''the continuous customer'' in which you get 10%! Off constant discount from month 13 and on! That mean you should not do anything! Just stay with us!