29May, 2016
Virtual server in the Cloud

Virtual server in the Cloud

In the Computing world today, any business must Corporate website or a Virtual store for his business, for that it must have a Virtual Private Server! Many businesses already based on the Internet and Thusthey guarantee to present their diverse solutions to a wider public range many times, While they increasing business revenues. The Corporate website or the Virtual store of the business stored on the server that existing in the datacenter site that connects you surfers to the company website. There are a variety of servers, There are dedicated servers and virtual servers, in this article I will deal on a virtual server in the cloud.

A virtual server or virtual server in the cloud, is the successor of a dedicated server for businesses that just started with their business or whose budgets is low and they are interested in a wide range of business solutions in the best configuration that have and in a price where they can stand. Virtual Private Server (VPS) meets exactly the needs of those business owners! The storage costs and its upkeep are cheaper in tens of percentage points than a dedicated server. Establish of virtual server in the cloud is done quickly, and at Webstuff it its done in high efficiently while providing a focus on the product reliability and its quality to a long term.
Virtual Server in WEBSTUFF allows you to start and run various services such as your site hosting and storage or your system, and not only that but a virtual server in the cloud allowing you any use or service  you can execute on a dedicated server, such as mailboxes storage, applications and a wide range of computing needs that required today from any modern business in the Business scene - on the Internet (WEB) there we specialize and we can serve you in accordance and with trust. All this you get on a virtual server in the cloud and without obligation to a long-term service and to high price that it doubtful if you can stand up for.
WEBSTUFF israel has extensive experience of more than 15 years in the servers field, in datacenters and cloud of WEBSTUFF your virtual server will be installed, along with all information, will be secured and backed up together. Here in Webstuff we perform ongoing maintenance to the servers to prevent in advance problems that can interfere your services, You as a customer has direct access to WEBSTUFF’s support team , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available for you at any time and for any need. Although the virtual server is located in the cloud and in the datacenter its accessible to you from anywhere in the world via remote access, in this way the server is in your hands and under your control at all times! The server can be installed with any operating system or with Linux or Windows in the various versions according to your requirement.
All you need to do is to contact us and we will go through the entire process for you and create your virtual server, We can also assist with the transfer of all materials, files, systems and storage from the old server to your new virtual server at Webstuff, combining this with performing any further work and configurations whenever you have a need on your Virtual server in the Cloud.

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