12Jun, 2015
Radio Server

Radio Server

What is Radio server?

Radio server is actually a regular server that can broadcast or stream media files thanks to a special application installed on it. The most known broadcast applications are Shoutcast by Winamp and WMS by Microsoft, each of those applications has its own benefits, but basically, there is not much differences between those two, and mostly depends on the broadcaster preferences. The Broadcasting doesn't require any technical knowledge, but the server maintenance require in-depth technical knowledge.

Today, when the Internet broke the geographical boundaries,  you can reach a very wide audience from anywhere around the world.  Radio server is actually an Internet radio station, so you can broadcast your messages, songs, lectures, and more, to thousands of users online. Also it possible to set up playlists to be played automatically while you're away and even allows broadcasting together.

So, if you ever dreamed on broadcasting in the radio and deliver your message to the whole world, this is your opportunity!


What are the important characteristics when selecting a radio server?

1. Broadcast quality
2. The maximum amount of listeners
3. Shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth
4. Broadcast applications
5. Target audience (geographic)
6. Storage space of media files and playlists




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