29May, 2015
Radio server - bandwidth

Radio server - bandwidth

Shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth (guaranteed)

Bandwidth determines the broadcast quality and the amount of the maximum listeners that can listen simultaneously. Bandwidth calculation is done by multiplying the broadcast quality with the maximum amount of listeners. For example,the broadcast quality of radio servers is in 64kbps to 10 users simultaneously requires 640 kbps bandwidth, ie 0.64mbps of bandwidth.

Shared bandwidth ​​(best effort) is the affordable solution for radio broadcast technology via the Internet, and is suitable for broadcasting to medium amount of listeners in a medium broadcast quality. The disadvantage of this configuration is that the bandwidth  assigned to you is shared with other customers, and has a direct impact on the consumption of resources. Although the above disadvantage, it is convenient and cheap solution suitable for radio broadcast.

Dedicated bandwidth (guaranteed) however, is allocated only to you and ensures optimal server performance. Disadvantage of this configuration is the high cost of bandwidth.




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