21May, 2015
Video Server

Video Server

Video servers are becoming much more common than in the past, because of the ease with which video films can be taken .If once there was a need for tapes and video devices to record and watch homemade videos, today, when video filming has moved to digital filming and with the technological advances of the smartphone's cameras, video filming has become much more available and easy.

This development in the field of video filming, cause to new demands from photographers side, who are not satisfied with just filming the videos but also want broadcasting their contents. To this end video servers was developed, when the main difference between them to a regular home computer which is connected to the Internet, is bandwidth which allows quality broadcasting.


In the following articles we will try to explain a little about the main characteristics of video server:


1. Broadcast quality
2. The maximum number of viewers
3. Shared bandwidth or Dedicated bandwidth
4. The target audience (geographic)
5. Storage of video files

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