26Jun, 2015
Video server - bandwidth

Video server - bandwidth

The required bandwidth from video servers is much higher compared to the radio server, because of the reason that video bandwidth includes streaming of video and audio, unlike the audio bandwidth which used streaming of audio only, and because the video files size are considerably larger than the audio files size.


Bandwidth of video servers is divided to two types: Dedicated bandwidth (guaranteed), and Shared bandwidth.


Dedicated bandwidth (guaranteed) is allocated exclusively for the benefit of the customer, for its video streaming, and is not shared with other clients at all. This figure ensures smooth and faster video streaming, and ultimately, increases the user experience of viewers. The main disadvantage of this type is the high cost of bandwidth.


Shared Bandwidth, however, is significantly cheaper than dedicated bandwidth, but this comes at the expense of the broadcast quality, and affects the amount of simultaneously viewers of video content.


If you are beginners users looking for video broadcasting at a reasonable cost to a small amount of viewers, we will recommend you on shared bandwidth as a start. Of course you can always upgrade the bandwidth and the amount of viewers, quickly and without the need for server downtime.


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