• SMS messaging
    SMS messaging

    Stay in touch with your customer

    has never been easier
    • SMS messaging from anywhere in the world
    • Loading recipient lists to the system easily
    • Export statistical reports for each shipment
    • Combining individual fields and other post , and more..

SMS delivery system

SMS delivery system developed by WEBSTUFF, allows you to send SMS to thousands of customers at the click of a button.

Personal Approach

Studies show that the response rate of SMS messages is significantly higher comparing to other advertising platforms.

Low cost - High benefits

SMS messaging is the most efficient method to promotional and advertising compared to telemarketing or flyers.

Quick and easy operating

Friendly and powerful user interface allows you to formulate a message, upload a contact list and sending it to them easily

Support Team

Professional support team is available to you at anytime for any questions about operating the system


Basic SMS

99/ month
  • Number of messages 500
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Starter SMS

169/ month
  • Number of messages 1000
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Advanced SMS

479/ month
  • Number of messages 3000
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Professional SMS

749/ month
  • Number of messages 5000
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SMS delivery system

Downtime isnot an option!

Downtime is not an option!

  • Personal contact with the customer

    Today, mobile phones have become the closest friends of us - everyone has one mobile phone or more which almost always within reach, available and in use. Sending an SMS text is a perfect way to create an unmediated, quick and personal contact with your target audience. Studies show that the response rate of users is much higher when using SMS messages compared to any other media.

  • Easy to use

    WEBSTUFF SMS delivery system lets you send SMS messages to the targeted audience from your customer database, saves you time and manpower and is an inexpensive alternative, reliable and quick compared to telemarketing or flyers. It can also use to for updating your clients on important news, orders statuses and even reminders.

  • A variety of functions

    A partial list of features of our sending SMS system:
    - Access via your browser anywhere in the world and deliver your SMS messages easily and quickly to the client.
    - Option to upload and manage your recipients list to the system (customer lists, club members, etc.).
    - Option of combining different fields lists of recipients (name, phone, company name, etc.) and the ability to plant these fields in the SMS message itself, allowing you to send a custom message to the recipient.
    - System monitoring, scheduling and delivery management allows sending to predefined groups.
    - A statistical system for checking delivery status in real time that displays  the amount sent so far.
    - All your data are stored securely in the system and are backed by us, including the list of recipients, the various letters that you created, statistics, shipping history, etc.

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