26Oct, 2015
Web Hosting and the garage

Web Hosting and the garage

Web Hosting - The high-tech garage


Anyone who ever entered to a garage for the first time, felt the helplessness of standing in front of a mechanic when you are totally lacking knowledge, and completely depend on the mercy and honesty of the mechanic. You don't really know if the malfunction is really what he says, and more than that - is it really require 800$ for fixing it? Feel familiar to this kind of situation? So there you have web hosting - The High-tech garage.


There is no disputing today that a website is a basic need for any business. If in the past it were yellow pages, now you have the Internet as a bigger, more powerful replacement.


So, of course you do not want to stay behind and you go and develop the most advanced web site that you can afford and now you need to host it on this huge network called the web, but where? Welcome to the High-tech garage - Web Hosting.


And just like that first time in the garage, again you find yourself on the wondering side. You do not understand a word of what the salesman trying to explain to you, he starts talking about things like: traffic volume, web hosting, data center and server farms (What's that?) And you realize that you have lost the salesman somewhere between 'web hosting' to 'you will not get a better deal than that'. Despair and incomprehension you just want to know where to sign and get out of this so-called high-tech garage, escape to your comfort zone.
And then you decide to study about this thing call web hosting as much as you can, and you start at the most natural place of data search that exist, the Internet, just to find out that every article that you find regarding to web hosting, does not explain it well or not explain it at all, leaving you more confused.


This article is written especially to avoid this kind of situations. We are going to explore to you all the little secrets and tips that the high-tech garage mechanic rather not to expose. The tips that really will give you a practical guidance to find the best and suitable web hosting plan you need.


Website Hosting - What is it, anyway?


Before delving into the technical explanation of this term, Web hosting, we will try using an analogy as an explanation. You finally moved to your new gorgeous new apartment, and you expecting that your salary to be sent to your new address - but you don't get it, because you did not notify the world that you moved.


Website is software. Composed of lines of code. But its goal is to be the new home of your business. Until now you lived in a small apartment (the computer on which your web site was developed) Now you are moving to the penthouse (A web server - where is your site will be hosted - a PC much more powerful and advanced).


But who knows about that? Is the contractor who promised to you that your house will be accessible from anywhere, will indeed his keeps his promise? Is he bothered to put up a sign with the name of the new street, to make it easier finding you? Is the new apartment is ready? There is water? There is electricity? Is it has all needed infrastructure?


Of course, the likened is quite clear. Web server is the new home where you going to host your website. But you need that the 'contractor ' - the web hosting company, which provides your site hosting and also host hundreds more websites in the same 'building' (server) will provide to you all needed infrastructures in an affordable price, without being asked to fix 'deficiencies' later, for additional price.


So what's the common man should know when purchasing web hosting service?



  1. Experience - Like any other company, the longer the company exists, the bigger experienced the company has and the bigger number of problems the company probably encountered and was able to resolve them and become more efficient (if not, she would not have survived in the market) - it is very important to check the company that provides Web Hosting - Is a veteran? (when talking in Internet terms, then one year is equal to three years in general market, because of the accelerated pace of development). For example, an Internet company that exists since 2000 is equivalent of a company that exists 45 years in the general market.

  2. What do you exactly need? There are several key points that you need to know before talking web hosting company, you can check them easily with the programmer of your website. When you are focused and know exactly what you need, is much harder to 'sell' you things you do not need at all - the main points you need to know:

    1. What kind of site do I have? Is it a corporate Website which gives general information about the company Or is it a virtual store, for selling your products?
    2. Which type of server you need for hosting your website? Virtual server or dedicated server? Virtual server is like a building, you have neighbors - more sites stored on the same server. The advantage is the low cost of hosting sites on it. Dedicated Server, however, is Villa. The server is dedicated only to tour web site and it is completely under your control, the disadvantage is the relatively expensive cost. To know what you need, it would be best to consult with the programmer. If not, the rule is that if your site is a corporate website or it your first website, probably you need the sheared hosting will be the best solution for your needs.
    3. Transparency. The company has to lay out for you exactly what you are getting and everything should be written and documented without lowercase and Conditions (see "Hidden Topics").
    4. Do you have a domain name? The domain name is the URL which will use to point to your site (such as yahoo.co.il) - It recommended that both the domain name and the hosting will be provided by the same company. If possible. It is little bit expensive sometimes but it more efficient that all the services are provided by a single entity.
    5. In what language the website is written? On the market there are two major languages - one based on an operating system called Linux and Windows-based one. You do not need to know any technical details, just the type of operating system which can run the site - ask your programmer.
    6. How much volume you need really? You might be asking yourself - what is a volume? So in a few words: volume is the disk space. A space where your site files are stored. If you have had USB flash drive, then surely you understand that a USB flash drive with 1GB cannot be store capacity of 2 gigabytes, right? So the same thing. Ask the programmer, he can tell you in minutes what is the overall volume. Of course, be taken into account, the estimated volume needed on the future - especially if the site is updated on a regular basis.
    7. The size of web traffic - here we are entering the gray zone gray field. Traffic volume depends on how many users take through your site. As there are more users, the traffic volume will require higher storage site. The best way is to consult with the programmer and do some market survey about the service or product that the post.
    8. If you want to host a virtual store, then you must consider that there is a need to purchase a SSL certificate (which is basically your website's security while purchasing and introducing information such as credit card, etc.).
  4. Beyond the points mentioned above, there is the issue of promoting the site, which is very significant issue.


Hidden Topics


As already mentioned above, this issue of hidden restrictions, has become a really big problem.
Pay close attention what before signing anything. Read all the documents and don't be afraid to ask any question that comes to mind no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Do not be shy to ask for time for consultation or further thought.


Important Tips


  1. Speed testing tool of Google Inc., which provides an important indication about the loading speed of the site and indirectly provides an indication about the quality of web hosting service.

  2. Excellent website that tests your server's performance. A must for any web hosting service customer.

  3. Be the first to know when your website is down!


So what have we learned?


We learned that hosting service is like any other service you paying for. You should make sure to read everything before signing any contract, check the company and its integrity, and come prepare by doing your homework and study as much as you can before even talking to a representative.

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