07Sep, 2015
what is Exchange server

what is Exchange server

In this article, we have assembled for you most of the features that will help you understand what is the role of Exchange Server and how is it different POP3 mail server or the IMAP. So let's get started, Exchange is a mail-based communication server that primarily serves offices, businesses and small companies. The licenses can be purchased (not free) from Microsoft or its resellers. If your organization or your company uses Exchange server, and you do not know if there is a mail with your name, you should probably contact your support and ask for help.
Home users typically do not need an Exchange based mail and will use POP3 or IMAP or mail accounts such as MSN, Windows live mail or other Israeli companies that provide free email like Walla. If you do not have Exchange server you wont be able to use Outlook software unique features who only available to customers with exchange mail boxs.

Exchange server features:

1. With Exchange server, you can get a full and continuous access to email from anywhere to your computer.
2. advanced smartphones including iPhone, Samsung are all supported and fully synchronized by Exchange server.
3. Exchange server is secure, reliable with a very strict privacy policy.
4. You can receive regular updates at any time on Exchange mail box system.
5. A unique feature is very useful and allows you complete management and quality of your calendar as well the cooperation with all other users in the same domain.
6. This professional mail server gives you the most advanced and almost hermetic protection from spam and other harmful things.
7. Exchange server offers a reliable virus scanning engines and filters for many that updats over the time so you stay safe.
8. Exchange server, enable users to synchronize with their mailboxes and Colleagues all over the world from smartphones as well.
9. Exchange server users can share their calendars phone numbers and mails more effectively with their Colleagues.
10. Exchange mail server ensures that your mail boxes automatically be identified by company's domain name.
11. Hosted Service cooperative allows your company to save a lot of money by preventing the need to purchase complete physical mail server that cost a lot of money!
12. smartphones and PDAs are able to receive email using the "push" so no need to sync your device with your computer.

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