26May, 2015
Radio server - streaming apps

Radio server - streaming apps

There are several applications that allow radio broadcast over the Internet. We will focus on two main applications:


1. Shoutcast of WINAMP
2. WMS Micrtosoft


Shoutcast is an app that allows broadcast or streaming media over the Internet. The software is developed by Nullsoft, allows digital broadcast audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC. The software is free and you can download it from the manufacturer website (usually included as a plugin in WINAMP player by default).


Windows Media Services (WMS), is the second software with which you can broadcast or stream media over the Internet. Microsoft WMS allows the administrator to create streaming media (video / audio).

Using the WMS you can record and save cached radio broadcasting, authenticate users, impose different connection restrictions, restrict access, enable multiple protocols and produce usage statistics. The app knows to deal with a large number of concurrent connections making it ideal for radio broadcasters. 

Broadcasts can be distributed between radio servers on the network when each server receives different broadcast. Broadcast is possible in two configurations: a single destination (UNICAST) and multiple-destinations broadcast (Multicast).

Normally, Windows Media Player is most common software used to decode and view/listen to radio broadcasts, but there are also other types of players that are capable to decode and view/listen to radio broadcasts.




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