01Jun, 2015
Radio server - max listeners

Radio server - max listeners

The maximum number of listeners is the second most important feature of a radio server

The maximum number of listeners that they can listen to your broadcast simultaneously, non-stop, 24 hours a day, is also an important feature of radio servers. The importance of this feature stems from the fact that the maximum amount of listeners which configured to your radio server, is continually maximum of users that can simultaneously listen to the radio broadcast.

For example, if a server was configured for broadcasting 100 listeners, it can not broadcast 150 listeners. The 101 listener will have to 'stand in line', until another listener disconnects from the server and only then he can connect and listen to the broadcast, so it is very important to characterize the maximum amount of simultaneous listeners before purchase. There is always the possibility to upgrade the amount of maximum number of listeners, for an additional fee. This upgrade operation takes a few minutes and does not cause server downtime.

If you would like advice regarding the amount of listeners that suits your needs, you can consult our team of experts at WEBSTUFF.

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