18Aug, 2015
3 questions that help choosing web host

3 questions that help choosing web host

If you want to build a website and keep it up and running correctly. the first thing you’ll have to do is to find yourself a 

decent web hosting company that will allow internet users to view your website (put it online). What it means is that they make 

your website available to you and all other users by providing it with a “designated space” in the world wide web. It is well 

known that not all busines owner and individuals that are looking into launching a website know their way around the technical 

aspect in the online industry. With the big number of web hosting companies and the non-stoping SEO wars in the market right 

now, clients find themselfs on unknown ground but still have to practice extreme caution in choosing the web hosting provider. 

If there are some things your not sure about in the offer that you wish to understand, do not hesitate to ask. Not everyone 

knows all they need to know and have to start somewhere when it comes to learning and getting familiar with web hosting. If your 

seeking for a good web hosting company, here are some questions to ask all them web hosting providers:


1. What’s included in this web hosting package?

If you are looking for a web hosting company and already started the search, get ready you will be bombarded with a lot of 

different offers and web hosting packages. You will get overwhelmed by all the different offers that might seem too good to be 

true. on your way to find the right provider, examine the web hosting package that each company offers. If you are looking into 

some extra features, check the premium packages that will cost more than a basic plans but hey they definitely has its own 


2. Can you ensure website security?

know that website security is an absolute must. Do not forget to ask about the company’s policies when it comes to ensuring that 

your hosted website will be safe and protected from possible hacking attempts and other related issues. Security does not only 

mean protection in technical aspects like firewall but also on how stored information are guarded in the event of natural 

disasters like your hard drive Caught fire. Learn about the providers contingency plan in case there’s a breach in security.
there are planty of other security issues that needs the web hosting alert and responsibility‬‏ and you need to cover most of 


3. How much disk space and bandwidth you offer?

Storage is very important issue in web hosting and learning what they can offer when it comes to disk space and bandwidth should 

be a factor to consider. Remember that there is no such thing as Unlimited Bandwidth!! and never was!. Make sure to determine 

how much disk space they could offer to your website and if it will be able to provide a good uptime percentage. Low disk space 

and an exceeded bandwidth make cause a website to become unavailable so check that with your web hosting provider. 

Do not go to the free web hosting companies don't make this mistake especially if the website belongs to your company you will 

get marketing and promotions of their products and services on your site! convince buyers to sign up for their services. Take 

all matters into consideration first before taking this web hosting provider offer. 

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