26Aug, 2015
Web hosting plans

Web hosting plans

If you’re new to Web hosting, the versety of plans that available from many providers may and will confuse you. Here’s a quick briefing on what’s waiting for you in the big world of Web hosting.


Shared hosting -

In this option, a single Web server will usually handle hundreds of different websites and maybe even more. This arrangement becomes possible because each hosted web site will probably be very small and uses minimal bandwidth (on business websites) for that reason web hosting providers all over the world can offer such a service for just 9$ a month. This plan is good for peoples who needs web hosting to run their first website or a small website of some kind who dosent have big requirements. 


Linux web hosting -

Just like shared hosting, this service is probably what you need if you use Web development tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal ect.. All thouse designed to run on Linux web hosting servers. For sites that use PHP, Perl, or most other programming code, Linux is a must. But hey don’t panic: You don’t need to know Linux language to use a Linux Web hosting service, almost all Web hosts provide a graphical interface like cPanel, direct admin to help you find your way around. 


Windows hosting - 

when it comes to web hosting servers there is an alternative option available, that is the good old Windows web hosting, which allows you to use Microsoft tools to manage and publish your site. That option is recomended For site developers uses Microsoft specific tools like ASP, to run thouse tools Windows is essential. Know that Windows web hosting is more expensive than Linux options because its windows :)



Web Host Plans -

VPS web hosting is A virtual private server designed for higher traffic, and sites who needs speed, that plan provides you with a virtualized server. On that VPS only your website is hosted and no others. The benefit from that is that you can manage or reboot the site individually as if it was your own remote computer without affecting other sites or beeing affected from others. moreover you can host more then one of your sites At the same time but then again you will have to manage this web hosting server yourself. 


Dedicated web hosting -

with dedicated web hosting server, you get computer like server to host your private website. your other sites will be hosted elsewhere, so they can’t crash or influence your site or blog if they as well requires a lot of traffic. Sounds nice, but this service is a lot more expensive.

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