27May, 2015
Linux server - centos

Linux server - centos

Linux is an operating system which its kernel is based on Unix operating system. 


There are many advantages to Linux compared to Windows:


- The system is considered very simple and easy to install.

- Higher levels of security compared to Windows (without  viruses and / or worms or trojans).

- Linux is not just an operating system, but also includes hundreds of other applications that come along with it.

- Linux is an opensource software - that mean you can download it for free, unlike other operating systems.

- Linux operating system is very flexible and capable of running of Windows applications.

- The high functionality of the Linux operating system allows using it for almost unlimited number of purposes.

- Linux usually preserves better your privacy.

- Linux is more portable compared to other operating systems so it is supported by smart phones, laptops and more ...

- Customer interface of the Linux operating system, can be customised according to your taste.

- Linux is the most cost-effective alternative to Windows in almost every aspect.


WEBSTUFF Israel provides the infrastructure and virutal private servers suited for Linux CentOS distributing.


You can download the the Linux CentOS operating system from WEBSTUFF servers by clicking here.


Linux's CentOS distribution version was developed to provide a free enterprise computing platform. CentOS operating system is fully compatible with the policy of suppliers and aims to provide 100% binary compatibility. CentOS operating system is designed for people who need an enterprise-class operating system but do not want to bear the support expenses of the main vendor in North America - Linux Enterprise.


WEBSTUFF provides dedicated servers and virtual servers (VPS server) with the Linux CentOS installed and active.


In addition, WEBSTUFF's support team specializes in the management of servers with Linux CentOS operating system and as well as in other distributions of Linux available on the market.





05 Oct, 2017

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