12Jun, 2015
How to choose hosting company?

How to choose hosting company?

Why choose a professional web hosting which is more expensive, relatively speaking, compared to free/cheap web hosting services, that look more tempting in most cases?

Maintenance of web hosting systems, requires a combination of knowledge, experience and strong support. When you choose the hosting provider, it's very important to make sure that this is a professional company specializing in hosting and has extensive experience in operating and setting up web hosting systems.

Most providers of virtual services, such as: SEO, web design, content writing, online advertising, newsletters and more, will be happy to offer you online web hosting service, but in most cases they are not professionally qualified, consequently cause to unprofessional support.

Such cases, can cause incompatibility systems, overload and incompatibility of programming languages ​​and operating systems. WEBSTUFF's web hosting team, provides professional services of Internet hosting since 2000 and is the leader in its field.

Why shouldn't you choose a cheap web hosting service?

Line of thinking which led the hosting companies at early years of the Internet was - quantity over quality. Each hosting company sought to gain as much share as possible of web hosting market, causing hosting prices to fall during the process.

However, today has been known that free hosting, in most cases, is much less quality and in many cases, not at all suited to our requirements. Technological progress continues placing new demands every day, new and more strict standards are added,  demanding that the website specification and customization will be precise. Naturally it's understood, that when the service is free or very cheap, it's probably comes at the expense of technological capability required for optimal activity of your website.

Such storage can result , at best, malfunctions in continuous activity of your web site and in the worst case, loss of privacy and exposure to a third party suits.




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