24May, 2015
Other solutions for web hosting

Other solutions for web hosting

Dedicated Server 


A dedicated server is a server designed to store complex web sites with a high volume of activity, which requires support of mass visits quantities and large web traffic volume users. Among these types of sites are: social networks, large forums, forex trading sites and more.


Dedicated server is stored in the data center and is connected to the main Internet backbone via lines with a particularly large volume of traffic in order to provide the customer quick and continuous communication and optimal access to stored websites.


Although dedicated Server allows the maximum flexibility by the efficient and professional management of the components stored on it, still it is necessary to characterize in advance the technical requirements of the website, operating system type and the types of various components, because the dedicated server, as opposed to the virtual server, is a server with physical hardware, so any change or upgrade requires a technician to replace physical hardware on server (which sometimes can cause delays and additional costs).



Virtual Server - VPS

Virtual private server (VPS) is basically a dedicated server that divided by virtual partitions into several parts. Each part acts as server and capable of running the operating system and various software independently. Many Virtual Servers combine the benefits of a dedicated server with their advantages,therefore are an available, convenient and cheap solution for holding a private server without the relatively expensive cost of a dedicated server.


The advanced technology of virtual servers interfaces , enables to provide Web Hosting at a high level with an advanced hardware resources allocation, high traffic volumes which is easy scalable and friendly to operate, without the need of disabling the server for maintenance or upgrade.


Virtual Servers are able to provide support for live video and online radio (Streaming), web hosting, file storage and more diverse possibilities in the field of hosting and servers by excellent infrastructure in inexpensive cost.


Advantages of virtual serversDisadvantages of virtual servers
High performance and flexibility compared to shared hostingLimit of resources allocation - can be upgraded on demand
Many options of management, which includes most of the elements of data security, continuous monitoring, backup and recoveryRequired knowledge and experience in managing a virtual environment systems, including advanced knowledge of operating systems and various databases.
Isolated virtual environment by a virtual divider, which will not be damaged by other system environments as opposed to storing on a shared hosting. 
Almost limitless amount of options, functions, software and special components on demand 




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