19Jun, 2015
Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

Most of today websites, are stored on shared hosting. In this way, a single webserver can host a large number of websites and domain names, as the hosting provider assigns a dedicated space for each site using virtual dividers. Every website receives separate allocation dedicated according their needs: disk space, monthly traffic and various components required for the storage package.

The virtual divider isolates each site and allows all websites hosted on the server to operate simultaneously. The OS type, web traffic, security and backups are managed by the server administrator as part of service given. Hosting plans include complex and ancillary services. some of these services are given in the hosting plan and some are offered by upgrading the hosting plan for additional fee.

Services that generally included in a basic hosting plan:

Email Services under the domain name, Domain management, DNS management, Database management, Control panel, tools for editing and uploading files, content management, SSL encryption for e-commerce and secure Credit card clearing, statistical tools for basic and advanced analysis of the site and more ...

Hosting on a shared server is designed for websites with low web traffic, low amount of visitors and with dynamic inactivity.


Advantages of Shared Web HostingDisadvantages of Shared Web Hosting
Prices and related expenses are minimal compared to hosting on a dedicated server.Hosting plans are limited in monthly traffic (amount of visitors per month).
Time saving in hosting plan management.Limited upgrade of basic components such as: storage space, bandwidth and web traffic.
Relatively required low basic knowledge and small experience from the website managers.Requires a precise characterization of the operating system and support components needed to operate the website (if there is a need to replace or operating system component that does not exist on the server, response time, on shared hosting, could be increased to several hours and sometimes even to whole days, due to the action of transfer to a new shared server).
Simple and convenient options of the website management. 
Option of immediate upgrade of resources at relatively low cost. 

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