29May, 2015
Website hosting - guide

Website hosting - guide

So you decided it was time to build a website? Excellent ... One of the first things you have to choose, is where to store the new site.


In this article we will explain exactly what it is web hosting and why WEBSTUFF is the best storage company in Israel.


The first thing to know is whether your Web site server need to be stored on a Linux server or a Windows server.


To know this, you have to decide what programming language will be use to develop your website. There are two major languages ​​in the market today: ASP or PHP.


ASP is a Web language that belongs to Microsoft and therefore will work properly only on servers which running the Windows operating system. So if your site is developed using the ASP programming language, the right choice will be Windows Server.


On the other hand, PHP programming language is free and without official owners, and operates best on Linux servers.


Most of the free content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc ...) are written in PHP language. Of course, if your site is a PHP based website, we recommend Linux as your hosting server.


After you select the type of server operating system, it's time to decide what type of server you need: Dedicated server or Shared server.


Dedicated Server is a server which is designated exclusively for your site, there will be no other sites that are stored on the server and it will be completely under your control.


Shared Server, as its name suggests, is a shared storage that hosts several sites. You will not be able to control which sites will be stored on the server with your site.


Naturally it seems that the dedicated server has all the benefits, but this is partly true, because there is a significant difference in price ..


Dedicated Server starting price is from of 164$ per month.


Hosting on a shared server, on the other hand, starts from only 9$ per month.


The principle of selection, is that if you do not know what kind of server you need, probably a shared server will do the job for you.



Other characteristics that should be taken in consideration:



Storage space - probably the basic characteristic. What is the volume of disk that needed for you web site? For small private website, in most cases, 100 MB will be enough.


A bigger website, probably will need Giga or two. If you do not have special use in your storage, usually this volume of disk would suffice.


Volume of Traffic - Another important characteristic is the volume of traffic enables to your website every month. Traffic volume determined mainly by the number of visitors on your site every month. Corporate Website will suffice with about 5 gigabytes per month. However you should always get a little more volume, just in case, because as soon as reach to the limit of the monthly traffic, the site stops working.


Both the above characteristics are, in fact, the most important.


Another important characteristic is the geographic location of the server . If the site attending to Israeli audience, we recommend storing it in a data center that located in Israel, because of the speed of access and site promotion.


WEBSTUFF offers a storage plans, which are adapted to a variety of demands of the market.


WEBSTUFF placed the issue of security on its primary concern - to provide the highest quality hosting, best and believed in Israel, and 15 years since established, we stood and still stand target.


We will be glad to assist you with any questions regarding web hosting, or any other subject which we specialize (eg SEO, website development, etc ..).

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