01Jul, 2015
Collocation hosting - SLA - Service License Agreement

Collocation hosting - SLA - Service License Agreement

What is SLA?


Before closing a deal with a storage provider, ask him for his Service License Agreement - SLA. The SLA is an agreement between the customer and the service provider which details the type of service, service features and service operations.


Type of service, explains in simple terms the exact nature of service that you get.


Service features elaborate the framework rules of the service and its exceptions,  including: availability, hours of operation, number of users supported and performance.


Service operation specifies how to respond to requests/malfunctions from the client and includes: the response type that will be given, the time frame which the request / malfunctions  will handle  (depending on the type of application / malfunctions ) and channels of communication in which can be use to contact the service provider.


The SLA is not another kind of promotional gimmick but a necessary document detailing the processing of requests and / or malfunctions of the customer and thus ensures a high level of service and efficiency.


For example, servers collocation is a service that includes SLA withnin the terms of its contracts with customers.





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