11Jun, 2015
Collocation hosting - bandwidth

Collocation hosting - bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the volume of data (graphics, media, correspondence, chat etc ...) that can be transferred (download or upload) through a communication line that connects  your server to the Internet backbone Central. Measuring bandwidth is done by Mbps - Mega bytes per second.Diffrent applications require diffrent bandwidths like mail servers and exchange servers.

The importance of bandwidth

Bandwidth is an important characteristic when selecting the server storage provider,  because of rapid technological development of the internet systems and their increasing demands for high volumes of bandwidth. Bandwidth is divided into two parts: Upload (of information and data from the server to the web) and Download (of information from the web to the server such as uploading images to a social network etc.)

The bandwidth difference between datacenter or server to home computer

There is a difference between the bandwidth of server, located in a data center to home computer. While, in home pc, the download is much faster compared to upload, on the server is the opposite. In other words, the server's upload speed is significantly higher compared to its download, because the server is 'uploading' content to our pc. In other words, every download from our side (home pc) means uploading by the server.




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