30May, 2015
Dedicated server - backup and restore

Dedicated server - backup and restore

Backup and Recovery Options


Another important feature is the backup services which available to your dedicated server!

Backup is the process of creating copies of the data and information stored on means for information storage (hard drive, server backups, data cards, etc ...) for data recovery and file cases of crashes and system failures. 


The main goal of the backup and restore is the data recovery after a system's crash. The backup system must have at least one copy of all important data at any given time. 


The backup management is often very complex due to the variety of options and methods of  back up process. A reliable backup system which allows recovery of the recent data and files requires large storage resources and a lot of time.


The frequency of backup operations depends on the importance and amount of changes in data and files. Make sure to ask the questions below about the backup service.



- What are the backup options of the dedicated server?

- Is there a daily / weekly backup ?

- What is the volume of backed up information?

- What are the costs of recovery if necessary?

- Is there a double backup?

- Is it possible to back up files and information from the office in addition to the server?

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