02Jul, 2015
Dedicated Server OS

Dedicated Server OS

Recommended Operating systems for dedicated servers and virtual private servers:


Selecting the operating system of your dedicated server is perhaps the most important decision. The type of operating system that you choose will impact directly on the server maintenance cost, mainly because of the operating system license costs.


Correct choice of operating system, is directly affected from type of softwares or applications which will be installed on it. Today, the recommended operating systems are Windows 2003 std or Linux, depends of course, on compatibility with softwares and applications which will  be installed on the server. 


It is important to note that there are certain applications and softwares that could only operate with specific operating systems. In addition, if you selected Linux as your operating system, you should be aware that there are many distributed Linux's versions and you should consult with the provider's technical support or a specialist on your behalf.

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