19Jun, 2015
Dedicated server - managed server

Dedicated server - managed server

Managed server or self-managed server?

When you buy or rent a server, there is a constant need for the server management, so you have two options: server management independently by you, or the transfer of management to the storage servers providers -  Managed server.


The advantages of self-managed server are primarily the costs, but require you to in-depth understanding of technical and availability in case of server crash.


Managed server, however, saves you time and headaches. It includes services like server monitoring, servers and networks maintenance and server operation management.Your server will be located in the data center and receive all associated services (security, backup and recovery and server monitoring). Also, you have the option to connect remotely to server (RDP, KVM), installing and setting up software, minimization of downtime and more.


Managed Server is the recommended option for people or businesses that do not have a technical understanding and they can not hire a technician for managing the server. The management services enable precise customization and maximum flexibility in managing your server.

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