05Jul, 2015
Dedicated server - firewall

Dedicated server - firewall

Security and Firewall


A firewall is a system for monitoring and blocking unwanted communication via the network which is connected to server. The firewall is an important component in securing the server. There are two main configurations of firewalls: software firewall and hardware firewall.



Firewall secures the server in several ways:


- Monitoring and limiting access to applications and / or specific visits to dedicated server via the Internet.

- Internal security settings of the server  (This option allows setting of various restrictions on the internal network versus external internet).

- LOG - log is a list in which all events that occur on the network and server are recorded.  The log enables convenient and efficient monitoring of unusual events.

- Permissions  - The "rights" of access to the Internet of the various applications.

- Protection options and blocking unwanted content, for example: spam, advertising, pop-up messages, and cookies.

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