06May, 2015
Dedicated server - monitoring

Dedicated server - monitoring

In our experience at WEBSTUFF, we understand how important it is today to a  business that there website will be available, accessible and faster 24/7, since every minute of server downtime, means loss of money and damaged reputation.


We also understand that sometimes monitor a single server, or a large number of servers, can be a difficult task, even very complicated. We also know how important is to identify the problem at the beginning, before it impacts significantly on the service.


WEBSTUFF uses a system which responds to failures and allows detection of failures and alert them ASAP to the appropriate parties . The system will monitor your server 24 hours a day with option of monitoring of more than 200 different scenarios such as CPU load, load traffic (bandwidth) , Hard drive usage, the number of open connections, memory utilization over time, the rate and amount of requests I / O, the flow of mail servers and so on.

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