09May, 2015
Dedicated server - security

Dedicated server - security

WEBSTUFF  takes care that your servers will get the best security.

Here are some of the measures taken in the data center to ensure stability, high performance and survivability:

Security - the data center is secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by armed guards, entrance to the farm is carried out after successful biometric identification and accompanied by a staff member in the server farm, ranch filmed and monitored 24 hours a day by an advanced camera system closed circuit.

Monitoring - farm manned 24 hours a day by staff who monitor all the systems of the server farm and are immediately available to respond to malfunctions and performing Rist Physical servers like mail servers and exchange servers.

Power supply - the data center is fed by two completely separate electric feeds, each feed is backed up by a separate UPS system and generator.

Cooling and humidity controlled - in the data center installed central air conditioning systems and all server cabinets are monitored to maintain continuous cooling at a controlled temperature of not more than 20 degrees Celsius and keeping normal   humidity level to prevent damage to electronic equipment.

Identifying and firefighting - an active system for identifying smoke at early stages, combined with advanced fire extinguishing system which uses gas. 

Identifying flooding and drainage - highly sensitive system that can identify floods and an advanced drainage system to avoid any risk of damages of physical electronic equipment that may be caused by water.




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