14Jun, 2015
Dedicated server - bandwidth

Dedicated server - bandwidth

Anyone on the Internet, for whatever reason, want his browsing experience will be good as much as possible. Sometimes we go online to look for work, sometimes for the purpose of study, and in many cases we simply surf to sites for our pleasure. To surfing is fast and efficient, good infrastructure is needed as much as possible and that includes as much bandwidth. It is important to understand that the more bandwidth is wider, all activity on the Internet is faster, more efficient, and indeed, in recent years, bandwidth is only growing, and the price goes down as the technology has become more sophisticated and advanced.


How to measure bandwidth?


The bandwidth is measured in bits per second (bps - bits per second). In the nineties of the last century, when the Internet was starting out, browsing was very slow because the bandwidth was narrow. With the advancement in technology and increasing use of the Internet, the situation began to change, and in this decade, bandwidth is no longer a problem, and almost anyone who has Internet at home, enjoying a respectable bandwidth, allowing free and fast browsing on the Internet. 


When you buy or rent dedicated servers, it is very important to check how much bandwidth you get, since it relates directly to visitors's browsing experience on websites / applications which stored on your server.




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